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Lots of people out there love dragons, and Anna Rose is no exception. Who out there hasn't dreamed of dragons at least once in their life?


Beginning with the Peter, Paul, and Mary song "Puff the Magic Dragon" (of course), when she was a kid, Anna imagined herself as Puff's friend in place of Jackie Paper. She got mad when she realized that Jackie abandoned his childhood friend for adulthood, angry that Puff was so easily discarded.


It just didn't seem fair.


Then, Anna really got the bug for dragons when she picked up a copy of Anne McCaffrey's breakthrough novel, "Dragonflight". Here were people who not only lived and played with dragons, they did so for their entire lives! This was something Anna could readily embrace.


From then on, Anna devoured every Pern-related novel she could lay her hands on.


Now Anna's written her own new series of stories called Tales of the Dragonguard, which begins with the short story "Aya's Dragon", which is available in both ebook and softcover formats.


The sequel, "Sara's Fire", will be released in the near future, and then work will begin on "Kal's Heart", which will be published in late 2017 or early 2018.


Take a chance on this new series of dragon stories that aren't quite what you'd expect!


P.S. McCaffrey's "Fire Lizard Song" can be sung to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon".




Tales of Vampires


Love vampires? Of course you do! If not, why not?


"Oh, no! Not another series of whiny, emo vampire novels!"


Is this you? Are you tired of reading about self-loathing vampires and/or vampire romances? Then the Sumaire Web may be for you!

Join Siofra, a vampire lass turned in the mid-1600's, as she makes her way in the world. The first novel in the series is "Siofra", followed by "Fiach Fola", then "Droch Fola", eventually closing the series with "Cosan Fola".


Looking for a little taste of what Siofra's about? You can find her short story, "Feasta Fola", here for only 99 cents!


Something New, All You Vampire Lovers!


Introduced in the Sumaire Web novel "Droch Fola", the character Faolan, a thousand year old vampire with an eiditic memory, will be getting his own series with"The Vampire's Journals".


Keep your eyes on this space for more information on this exciting new series!

Now Available!

Now Available!

Now Available!

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